*Event Details**:

**Date**: September 16, 2023

**Event Hours**: 1pm to 10pm

**Location**: Westside Park Midtown, 1660 Johnson Rd, Atlanta, GA 30318

**Rain or Shine**: The event will take place regardless of weather conditions.

**Vendor Space**:

**CRAFT Vendor Fee**: The Vendor agrees to pay a fee of $350 for a designated (10×10) vendor space¬† at the Event.

**CRAFT Vendor Fee**: The Vendor agrees to pay a fee of $500 for a designated (10×10) vendor space at the Event.

**Additional Associates**: The Vendor may bring a maximum of two (2) additional associates to assist during the Event. All other individuals associated with the Vendor must purchase a ticket to attend the Event.

**Setup Time**: Vendors are required to arrive at the Event venue at least two (3) hours before the official start time of the Event to set up their booth or stall.

**Vendor Late Clause**: If vendor shows up at 1:00pm (Event Starting Time) you automatically forfeit your deposit fee.

**Event Start Time**: Vendors must be fully set up and ready for business by the time the Event gates open at 1pm.

**Guidelines and Restrictions**:

**Prohibited Items**: Vendors are strictly prohibited from bringing weapons or any other items that may pose a threat to the safety of Event attendees, staff, or other vendors.

**Garbage Disposal**: Vendors are responsible for managing their own garbage disposal. Garbage must be properly disposed of in designated bins, and vendors are required to keep their booths and surrounding areas clean throughout the day.

**Event Hours**: Vendors are required to operate their booths during the entire Event hours of 1pm to 10pm.

**Cleanup**: Vendors are required to clean up their vendor spaces and ensure they are tidy and free of any trash or debris at the close of the event.


**Digital Flyer**: The Event organizers will provide a digital flyer to the vendors, which can be used for promoting the Event through their own marketing channels.

**Maximize Attendance**: Vendors are encouraged to actively promote the Event using the provided digital flyer to maximize attendance and drive customer traffic to their booths.

If vendors have any questions or need further information, they can email us at **[email protected]**.