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Price: $7,500
Logo Placement: Company logo prominently displayed on event website, social media platforms, select promotional materials, and festival tickets.
Banner Placement: Company banner prominently displayed at a prime location within the festival grounds.
Social Media Promotion: Dedicated social media posts acknowledging and promoting the Platinum Sponsor with tagged mentions and gratitude.
On-Stage Recognition: Verbal recognition of the Platinum Sponsor during stage announcements throughout the event.
Exclusive Marketing Opportunities: Opportunities for the Platinum Sponsor to distribute promotional materials or branded giveaways.
Vendor Space: Complimentary premium vendor space at the festival for additional brand promotion.
Complimentary Tickets: A set number of complimentary tickets for the sponsor’s employees or clients.

Please note that the prices mentioned above are subject to change and should be adjusted based on market conditions, event requirements, and negotiated agreements. It is advisable to consult with the event organizers to determine the final pricing and detailed benefits associated with each sponsor package for the Suya Festival.